RED for BLUE is a Unique Conservative Products Store.  All the profits from the sales of products that support the conservative agenda go to support police departments around America.  This venture was inspired by a Father & Son’s visit to buy pizza for the Ferguson MO police Department.

Realizing the impact of doing something nice for those who deserve our respect was the genesis of RED for BLUE.   Upon returning home, Cliff  partnered with his dear friend John to start RED for BLUE and create a company that not only supports America but those who protect its streets. When buying a hat, shirt, button or any item from RED for BLUE you are not only supporting America, the Conservative Agenda but also those OFFICERS in BLUE.  You can maybe find a shirt, hat or sticker cheaper, but you won’t buy one that has a greater impact on America than Red for Blue…

RED for BLUE donates all the profits from sales to Law Enforcement

Monies from the profits are used to buy meals for overworked police departments during times of civil unrest, riot shields and other supplies for unequipped police departments or we may donate to scholarships for those of fallen officers.   As we support those in BLUE we will let you see the results of where your dollars have gone.  When you purchase something feel free to put in the comments a police department you would like us to include as a possible recipient of our donations.