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Patriotism, Pizza & Police

Your Dollars are being spent wisely and appreciated…

Huge thank you to the American Patriots who purchased TRUMP Hats, Buttons, Bumper Stickers and more, Red for Blue was able to buy lunch for the Gulfport Police Department.  Special Thanks to Papa Johns Pizza for giving us a generous discount so we could buy more pizza for the great police of Gulfport Police Department.  Red for Blue‘s sole mission is to support the men & women in Blue as much as possible and this is only possible by your support of America with the purchase of patriotic items from our online store or one of our retailers like Tatum’s Bait Shop or Castle Keep Guns.  If you want to be a retailer for Red for Blue just let us know.    If you want to help support Law Enforcement it is easy just click the link above “SHOP” and buy something.

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Doing some good while doing something even better.  This site is here to not only to support the conservative agenda and those who want to express their passion for America but also for those who want to support our police officers.   Why buy a hat, shirt, bumper sticker or anything from someone else when the profits from your purchase here go to support the Men & Women in BLUE across America.